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My skin is poetry

Melanin activated by fire

Sun tans me copper,

uncovered, discovered


Burned skin

From straps, sleeves and choices

From battles, glories and defeats

Stained, spotted skin


Journal of living body

Awaken by fire

My skin is nuance


Color gradation

 All my combined selfs

Discovered by the sun

New Collection



For the daily life, wear it as you like

Basics Collection Entreamar

ENTREAMAR, transitive verb /neologism:

inviting verb; encourages you to enter without asking for permission, get involved with the process and fall in love with the result.

Brinco Aforma DU02


Brinco 0g prata


Colar Tsuru branco


Brinco Aforma DT05


Brinco 0g preto


Brinco Tsuru branco

The refined eye knows how to find happines on what is ordinary in life and primary in the world. 

Taísa, Designer and Artist.